♡ Tammy Taylor 3 Dazzle Rocks Glitter Acrylic Nail Designs

I will be demonstrating 3 Nail Designs with the “Radiant Luxury” Dazzle Rocks Prizma Collection. And, this collection is packed with radiance. Inspired by …



39 Replies to “♡ Tammy Taylor 3 Dazzle Rocks Glitter Acrylic Nail Designs”

  1. I go to school with each video! Your voice is calming, soothing & you repeat each step over! You've built my confidence level to believe I can do this! You also, don't spare product, is very hygienic in your process! I really appreciate your valuable lessions! Thank You!

  2. Hi Tommy Taylor, i am very excited to try all three of those nail designs. I have always been a big fan of yours. I love the way you demonstrate your techniques so even the slowest person can easily catch on to your teachings. continue the great work you are doing. we do love you and your unique ways of doing things.

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