3 Easy Accent Nail Designs | Great for Beginners!

Switch to HD *Please Open & Read Hey Sweeties! This is my first nail art video! They are simple and easy designs, but also very stylish and pretty! I hope you guys like this video! Thumbs…



27 Replies to “3 Easy Accent Nail Designs | Great for Beginners!”

  1. Love it the Last 2 were my favorite:)
    Great job pretty I love all the
    fun bright colors !! SUPER Cute:)
    By the way I just filmed my
    July favorites video it should be up by tomorrow I will Tagg you when it is finally up on my channel!!

  2. Great video!! I just subscribed to your channel! I would love it if you could come check out my channel! I'm doing my 1000 subscriber giveaway right now!! Good luck with your channel can't wait to see more videos :)

  3. You're so good at nail art! Just starting to get into 🙂 Definitely subbed back <3 I love that you do a little bit of everything on your channel. I love channels that offer a bit of variety <3 Keep in touch girl! xo

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