5 Easy Messy Buns – No Heat Hairstyles!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share 5 messy buns with you. Today, I did these messy buns on my medium length hair. I will work on a video doing messy buns on just long hair. Most of the messy buns…



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  1. Do you have a specific way you use the bobby pins? Every time I try to pin my hair in place with a bun you can either visibly see the bobby pin or it almost always will slide out so I constantly have to push it back into place. It drives me crazy!! Wasn't sure if you had any tips or tricks. I feel like such a simple thing is so difficult for me.

  2. I just love any tutorials for messy buns – I still haven't found the easiest way to make one in my hair which is very smooth and very thick 😉 I have to use about 20 bobby pins to secure the bun to my head and it still might nøj last all day. So these cute effortless hairstyles with a boho vibe just ain't gonna happen in my hair.

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